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Gregor Blaha

Biochemistry Department: Gregor Blaha


Gregor Blaha

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry


Environmental influence on the physiology of eubacterial cells

Curriculum Vitae
Blaha Research Group

Selected Publications
  • Fan H, Hahm J, Diggs S, Perry JJ, Blaha G. (2015) Structural and functional analysis of BipA, a regulator of virulence in enteropathogenic Escherichia coli. JBC 290, 20856-64.
  • Stanley RE, Blaha G, Grodzicki RL, Strickler MD, Steitz TA. (2010) The structures of the anti-tuberculosis antibiotics viomycin and capreomycin bound to the 70S ribosome. NSMB 17, 289-293.

  • Blaha G, Stanley RE, Steitz TA. (2009) Formation of the first peptide bond: the structure of EF-P bound to the 70S ribosome. Science 325, 966-970.
  • Blaha G, G├╝rel G, Schroeder SJ, Moore PB, Steitz TA. (2008) Mutations outside the anisomycin-binding site can make ribosomes drug-resistant. J. Mol. Biol. 379, 505-519.

  • Evans RN, Blaha G, Bailey S, Steitz TA. (2008) The structure of LepA, the ribosomal back translocase. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 105, 4673-8.

  • Wendrich TM, Blaha G, Wilson DN, Marahiel MA, Nierhaus KH. (2002) Dissection of the mechanism for the stringent factor RelA. Mol Cell 10, 779-88.

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