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We study stem cell biology that bridges basic science and medical applications.

Stem cells self-renew to generate themselves while maintaining differentiation capacities. Stem cells can be classified based on their competence to give rise to distinct progenies.

The top of the hierarchy is totipotent stem cells that can generate all three germ layer-derived tissues, germ cells, and placenta. Fertilized eggs and each blastomere of preimplantation embryos until early eight cell stage retain this ability.

The next group is pluripotent stem cells whose capacity is identical to that of totipotent stem cells except the lack of the function to form placenta*. The inner cell mass (ICM) of the blastocyst, and its in vitro derivatives, embryonic stem cells (ESCs), represent this group.

The third group is multipotent stem cells whose differentiation capacity is limited within their original lineage. Adult stem cells typically belong to this class.

The last group is unipotent stem cells that can differentiate into only single cell type.

*: Human embryonic stem cells could differentiate into trophoblasts that are the founding cells of placenta but mouse embryonic stem cells can not.

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