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At the present time in the United States, infections caused by antimicrobial-resistant pathogens kill more people than AIDS. Some microorganisms develop antimicrobial resistance by acquisition/change of genetic material or by adopting an altered physiological state. The focus of my laboratory is researching how eubacterial cells decide to change their physiological states. Currently, we are investigating (1) the metabolism of a key regulator of this change, (p)ppGpp; (2) the mechanism by which eubacteria change their physiology, specifically mRNA decay; and (3) antibiotic resistance, in particular a new heritable mechanism of ribosomal protection. The objective of this research is to determine molecular mechanisms involved in these processes by elucidating structures of each step. A full range of biochemical and genetic methods will be applied to validate these mechanisms. For more information, please contact Dr. Gregor Blaha at gregor.blaha@ucr.edu.



Graduate students: Biology, biochemistry, and biophysics graduate students interested in pursuing research in eubacterial cell regulation are encouraged to contact Dr. Gregor Blaha at gregor.blaha@ucr.edu.

Students: Undergraduate students in science majors interested in gaining research experience are encouraged to inquire about openings that are available for BCH 197 (Research for Undergraduate Students). Applicants must have a background in biochemistry and be capable of working independently. Please contact Dr. Gregor Blaha at gregor.blaha@ucr.edu.

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