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The Perry laboratory has an interest in the biochemical processes of signal transduction pathways and of genome stability, which in pathological states have clear relationships to cancer, rapid-aging disorders and neurological disease. We are also focusing our research on eye diseases, including processes involved in cataract formation and in macular degeneration. We use a range of structural biology and biophysics techniques to reveal key insights at atomic resolutions into the roles of cellular proteins under study. These include x-ray crystallography and in solution small angle x-ray scattering technologies, which we couple to biochemistry studies and measurements of binding affinities using isothermal titration calorimetry and microscale thermophoresis, to help further define molecular mechanisms. Our research also has a translational aspect, where we are developing novel small molecule chemical tools to help uncover molecular and cellular functions of the proteins of interest. These small molecules may have utility for the development of novel diagnostic markers, or as hit compounds/therapeutic leads in certain circumstances. Here, we use rational-based drug discovery methods that includes fragment-based ligand screening and computer aided drug discovery methods, to help identify and/or generate small molecules of interest. For more information on our research, please contact Dr. Jeff Perry at jeff.perry@ucr.edu

Lab Members

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Dr. Kumar

Dr. Mukesh Kumar (Ph.D., AIIMS Institute, New Delhi, India)

Graduate Students


Taylor Dennis,


Shweta Murali,



 Christ Ordookhanian

Laboratory Researcher

 Recent Awards:

  • Dana King Scholarship
  • Charlie Michelson Chancellors Scholarship
  • University Honors Fellowship



Ryan Amidon (University Honors Scholarship)

Arlene Armenta (RISE Scholar 2015)

Khoi Bach (MSSRP Scholar 2016)

Vanessa Cheng (2015-2016 University Honors Scholarship)

Andrew Eneim (MARCU STAR Pre-Trainee 2016)

Ryan Figueras (RISE Scholar 2015 & 2016)

Amrik Kang (University Honors Scholarship)

Erica Li (Sophomore STEM scholar 2016/2017)

Angelie Mangilit (University Honors Scholarship)

Ian Martin-Arujo (MARCU STAR Pre-Trainee 2015)

Proma Mazumder

Amanda Schaaf (RISE Scholar 2014 & 2015-2016 University Honors Scholarship). 

Tiffany Tran



Pablo Juste – Visiting Student, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid, Spain.

Taylor Charter 


Joining the Lab

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