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The College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences strongly encourages undergraduates to pursue research opportunities. A major teaching strength of the College is its dedication to undergraduate research. A large percentage of UCR’s science majors participate in either internships or undergraduate research, and a majority of UCR graduates go on to advanced degree programs. Though some students find research not as personally fulfilling as they may have envisioned, many are so captivated by their experiences that their career plans become focused on research. For others, laboratory or field research serves to strengthen their commitment to a scientific career. All who participate gain greater understanding of the processes that are fundamental to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

For students with an interest in carrying out a research project, there are several options. Courses 197 and 199 in the CNAS departments are designed to introduce students to research while earning their academic credit. These courses entail planning and conducting a research project, culminating in submission of a written report for completion of the course. The most important prerequisites are interest and enthusiasm. A research project  does not need to be "mapped out" before approaching a faculty member or an advisor. Simply contact a faculty member directly or seek advice from your advisor at the CNAS Undergraduate Academic Advising Center. Grants are available to help underwrite the cost of conducting a research project. Alternately, research experience with stipends may be available through a summer research program.

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